NPL/RPL Due Diligence

Non-Performing &


Due Diligence

Our mission is simple. We add value to our clients’ portfolios by offering in-depth audit reviews of non-performing (NPL) and re-performing (RPL) mortgages. Our customized review is designed to uncover inconsistencies and potential risk factors for purchasers of NPL and RPL portfolios. We collaborate with our clients to determine the areas with the highest risk and develop a review strategy to best suit their needs. In addition, we offer robust oversight and surveillance of Special Servicers to lower delinquencies, loss severities and overall losses through active, monthly engagement with your company’s NPL and RPL portfolio servicers.

Collateral File Review

  • Regulatory Compliance Review – RESPA / TILA / TRID
  • Origination Documents Review – including, but not limited to
    • Mortgage Note
    • Mortgage or Deed of Trust
    • Final HUD
    • Original Title Policy
    • Recorded Assignments
  • Modification Agreement Review (if applicable)
  • Updated Title and Tax Search Review
  • Updated Property Valuation Review
  • Data Integrity Review

Servicing File Review

  • Unpaid Principal Balance (UPB) Confirmation
  • Payment History Review
  • Servicing Comments Review
  • Modification Agreement Review (if applicable)
  • Hazard Insurance Policy Review – if not monitored and maintained by the servicer
  • Confirm First Lien Position and Enforceability of Mortgage

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