The Barrent Group provides a comprehensive range of due diligence, quality control and risk management services, from pre-funding and post-closing quality control and due diligence to custom risk analyses for acquisitions, new businesses, rapid growth and more.

Mortgage Due Diligence

Custom, investment-grade analysis, according to your specific risk parameters. 

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all mortgage due diligence. Each investor has its own purchase processes, objectives and risk parameters. At The Barrent Group, we adopt careful consideration of each client’s goals, processes, risk tolerances and long term plans when developing due diligence programs. This customization is what assures our clients of optimal results, within their allotted budgets and timeframes.  

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Different strategies and target loan profiles contain their own unique inherent risks. At The Barrent Group, we understand that. Whether you’re purchasing jumbo prime loans, non-performing loans or re-performing loans or non-QM loans, whether on a pool or flow basis, The Barrent Group analyzes each file according to the factors that align with your unique plans and positioning.

Our consultative approach has afforded us the experience of evaluating tens of thousands of loans, according to hundreds of unique objectives. Our meticulous inspection reaches deep into each loan file. We seek out not only errors and flaws, but also inconsistencies in the information and data contained in each file. Many times, challenges lie beneath the initial layer of discovery. We have the expertise to locate and identify them.

There’s no such thing as cookie-cutter due diligence, because there’s no such thing as cookie-cutter risk. If your due diligence isn’t customized according to your unique footprint, you’re not getting the full picture.

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Quality Control & Compliance Reviews

Our expertise yields reliable, objective reviews. Our boutique flexibility makes it easy.

At The Barrent Group, we combine comprehensive, reliable expert analysis with fast, flexible, common sense service. Whether it’s the percentage of loans your company reviews, or the details of your operations — like your LOS (loan origination system) and preferred data format — we meet you where you are and adapt our processes to fit yours. We believe working with your quality control provider should never be a hassle — and our clients thank us for that.  

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Our post-closing quality control reviews cover all applicable state, local and federal regulations and guidelines. Whether your quality control program includes a 10% sampling or 100% of the loans you close, each loan file undergoes a detailed review, including evaluation of borrower-provided documents, third-party documents and transcripts, appraisal reports, and lender-generated forms, as well as a comprehensive analysis of compliance, underwriting and process integrity. We’ll re-verify third-party documents, obtaining new or updated verifications, as needed. 

At the end of the evaluation, you’ll receive easy to store and understand audit reports that detail our overall findings and trends, and also a summary on each individual file.  

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Risk Analysis and Consultancy

Our 100% Custom Service for Identifying Current and Potential Risk

We’ll let you know where you stand, whatever the conditions. The Barrent Group’s risk analysis and consultancy services are your key to understanding current and potential risk and loss. We leverage decades of experience analyzing the full spectrum of mortgage risk to provide lenders, investors, insurance companies and other firms with the information they need to avoid the costs associated with faulty mortgage products and practices. 

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If you want to avoid loss, you need to identify risks. We’re here to give you the insights and information that allow you to fix or establish your processes the right way, the first time. Whether you’re looking to acquire a mortgage lender, develop a new loan product, identify process flaws stemming from a high growth period, or simply assure that your mortgage business is running as effectively, efficiently and compliantly as possible, The Barrent Group’s expert analysis yields the information you need to get on the right track.        

Our completely customizable consulting services are available both on- and off-site, and are tailored to each client’s individual needs and goals.    

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We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to exceeding our clients’ unique expectations, through custom product development.