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With hundreds of years of combined experience in residential mortgage lending, we are ready to serve you!

Chairman of the Board

Richard S. Levitt

Mr. Levitt retired as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wells Fargo & Company in 1987. While at Wells Fargo, Mr. Levitt held various top management positions, including Chief Executive Officer at both Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and Wells Fargo Financial. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Nellis Corporation, a private capital management enterprise, with assets under management in excess of $400 million. Mr. Levitt holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Iowa.

Vice Chairman

Mark A. Levitt

Mr. Levitt is a Principal of Nellis Corporation, a private capital management enterprise, with assets under management in excess of $400 million including interests in commercial real estate and a variety of equity investments. Mr. Levitt holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Iowa and a Bachelor degree from The Colorado College.

President & Chief Operating Officer

Richard J. Barrent

Mr. Barrent has over 25 years of mortgage industry experience, with eight years of senior management responsibilities. Prior to forming The Barrent Group, Mr. Barrent was Vice President of Wells Fargo Corporate Trust Services, leading the forensic loan review services and repurchase administration group. He also held other officer-level positions at Wells Fargo, including Vice President of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Assistant Vice President of Wells Fargo Financial, Correspondent Lending Manager and Retail Branch Manager. Mr. Barrent holds a MS in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BS in Education from Northern Illinois University.

Vice President // Operations Manager

Jeffrey L. Keisler

Mr. Keisler has over 30 years of mortgage industry experience, with an extensive and primary focus in Quality Control, Fraud Investigation, Underwriting and Operations management roles. Prior to joining The Barrent Group, Mr. Keisler was an Assistant Vice President in Corporate Trust Services for Wells Fargo Bank and Company. Previously, Mr. Keisler served as an Assistant Vice President of Servicing and Capital Markets for Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Group. He benefits from 15-years of Quality Control and Fraud Investigations management experience with Principal Residential Mortgage, a mortgage subsidiary of the Principal Financial Group. Mr. Keisler holds BAs in Business Administration and English from Midland Lutheran College, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Vice President // Operations Manager

Corey R. Harrison

Corey Harrison leads and coordinates the daily functions of the highest caliber Mortgage Quality Assurance Analysts in the industry. These analysts identify and document material breaches through re-underwriting loan files and performing extensive fraud and transactional reviews. Corey has over 14 years of mortgage industry experience in lending and risk management, including eight years of quality assurance review work and nine years in management. Prior to joining The Barrent Group, Corey held various positions over an eleven year period at Wells Fargo Bank, including positions as Mortgage Risk and Development Underwriting Manager, Wholesale Lending Production Manager, Mortgage Underwriter, and Quality Assurance Analyst. Corey holds a BS in Finance from Iowa State University.

Vice President // Operations Manager

Kathy Vandeventer

Kathy is a self-motivated team leader, with demonstrated expertise in identifying risk and promoting efficiencies and consistencies within the company. Kathy’s background includes six years of Wells Fargo experience, including manual underwriting and management experience. Kathy holds a BA degree in Finance from Waldorf College.

What our customers are saying

“Rich Barrent and his team are very customer focused. They do a good job of knowing what our needs are and performing on those needs. For me, Rich sets the tone for his company. Rich is a man of high integrity and that really comes through with the way his firm works. I think it all starts with him and then trickles down from his great leadership. The key for us has been working with a firm that makes sure they meet the needs that we have.”

Dan Graham
Chairman & CEO // Compass Mortgage (Warrenville, IL)

About Our Team

Each member of our Quality Assurance team has “best in the business” knowledge and skill levels, resulting from an average of over 10 years of mortgage underwriting and audit experience. The scope of their experience is broad, encompassing all loan types and origination channels.

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