Mortgage Due Diligence

Custom, investment-grade analysis according to your specific risk parameters. 

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all mortgage due diligence. Each investor has its own purchase processes, objectives and risk parameters. At The Barrent Group, we take careful consideration of each client’s goals, processes, risk tolerances and long term plans when developing due diligence programs. This customization is what assures our clients of optimal results, within their allotted budgets and timeframes.  


Different strategies and target loan profiles contain their own unique inherent risks. At The Barrent Group, we understand that. Whether you’re purchasing jumbo prime loans, non-performing loans or re-performing loans or non-QM loans, whether on a pool or flow basis, The Barrent Group analyzes each file according to the factors that align with your unique plans and positioning. 


Our consultative approach has afforded us the experience of evaluating tens of thousands of loans, according to hundreds of unique objectives. Our meticulous inspection reaches deep into each loan file. We seek out not only errors and flaws, but also inconsistencies in the information and data contained in each file. Sometimes challenges lie beneath the initial layer of discovery. We have the expertise to locate and identify them.  


There’s no such thing as cookie-cutter due diligence because there’s no such thing as cookie-cutter risk. If your due diligence isn’t customized according to your unique footprint, you’re not getting the full picture. 

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